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Automation for Supermode extension


With automation feature you can automate IP change if it is possible with your internet connection.
If your IP changes from time to time, most probably you can automate it with a custom command or script which you specify in Extension options.

When enabled, the script will get executed every time Supermode finishes its run. Then in will wait for your IP to change and start over. If IP is not changed within 15 minutes, Supermode will restart in order to execute the script one more time.

Some script samples are provided below. If in case you come up with your own script, please PM me your script, so I can share it with other members.


Currently automation is tested and working with Firefox 3 on Windows XP and Windows Vista, and should work also with Windows 2000.

Before you begin

Before you begin automation with Supermode please find out if and how it is possible to change IP address for your internet connection.

Begin by clarifying your internet connection type: is it pppoe connection, cable modem connection, are you behind router, can you access router and change IP address?
After you clarify that information you can start experimenting with commands (some are bellow) and different programs and find out how to change IP address.
After you know how to change IP address manually, you can put it into script file and point Supermode to execute it after Supermode run.

If you need additional help, please take look in the forum automation section. Hellowien has made some really good advices in his Topics.


Current IP address
To see what IP address you currently have use command ipconfig -all

Connection with DHCP server used
IP address can be released with a command ipconfig -release
New IP address can be get with a command ipconfig -renew

PPP connection (dial-up, pppoe)
To close connection use command rasdial [connection-name] /disconnect
To make a new connection (and get new IP) use command rasdial [connection-name] [username] [password]

Behind router or cable modem connection
If IP address gets changed when you power off and power on your modem then chances are you can also automate it.
Most modems can be accessed with HTTP protocol (for example at address: You can look for a software that can automate connection to modem and reboot link click.

Changing IP with a help of .BAT file

Batch (.bat) files allow to queue several commands to be executed one after another and they are the easiest way to queue commands. To make .bat file, create a new file and give it "bat" extension. Open in with a notepad and write each command you want to execute on a new line. You can put any program (even MS Word) into .bat file in order for it to be executed. Some programs require full path to be specified, for example "c:\download\ipchange.exe".

Some simpliest commands you can use in bat files are the following:

* ping localhost -n 10 >NUL --- will wait 10 seconds before next command is executed
* ipconfig -release --- will release IP address if DHCP is used for connection
* ipconfig -renew --- will request IP address if DHCP is used for connection
* rasdial [connection-name] /disconnect --- will disconnect ppp (dial-up, pppoe) internet connection
* rasdial [connection-name] [username] [password] --- will connect to internet on ppp (dial-up, pppoe) connection
* REM [comment] --- will not get executed, use it for comments


  1. Enable IP change automation in Options.
  2. Open Profile options, save profile and click on "remember me".
  3. Open Supermode extension options (Firefox: Tools -> Add-ons -> Supermode.. -> Options) and enter the program or script to execute after Supermode run.
  4. Click on Start click exchange

Automation with a custom scripts

You can also automate IP change using custom scripting software. My favorite is Autohotkey (freeware). Most of those software allow to record keystrokes and mouse movements and put them into a script. Autohotkey scripts can be turned even into exe files.

Baranyai Márk (bmarky) has created turorial page with working AutoIt script on how to change IP address on Wireless router.


There are good samples availabe at forum automation section.
Currently most are for pppoe connection, but they can be adapted easily to other connection types.


ipconfig -release
ipconfig -renew

CUSTOM .BAT FILE SAMPLE #2 [for pppoe connection]

REM close internet connection
rasdial "connectionname" /disconnect

REM wait 10 seconds
ping localhost -n 10 >NUL

REM connect with ISP to get new IP
rasdial "connectionname" username password

CUSTOM .BAT FILE SAMPLE #3 [for pppoe connection (with Firefox restart)]

REM close internet connection
rasdial "connectionname" /disconnect

REM close FF to beware of memory-leak
taskkill /F /IM firefox.exe

REM set pause for FF memory cleaning and IP renewing
ping localhost -n 10 >NUL

REM connect with ISP to get new IP
rasdial "connectionname" username password

REM set pause to get connection
ping localhost -n 20 >NUL

REM start FF again with utopia-page AND open another tab for visiting own city EVERY run
REM I prefer env, so I don't have to mind industrial attacs, enter what you want ...
REM ! set browser.sessionstore.resumefromcrash in about:config to false!
REM ! otherwise FF will ask for restoring last session on new start
start firefox.exe -url "http://utopia.lv/myminicity/?do=supermode" "http://yourcityname.myminicity.com/env"

REM Script by Hellowien, have fun