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Click the START, allow it to finish. Make sure pop-ups are allowed from domain utopia.lv. After it finishes, click the LINKS (home icon) and add your link!
Do not forget to open options page where visiting experience can be fine-tuned.

If you like it, spread the word! In return you will get even more clicks.

Use Firefox with flashblock add-on or Internet Explorer with Flash and Pics ActiveX plugin. It will improve your loading times, reduce cpu usage and web traffic.
Or even better for ultimate visit speed use Supermode extension with Firefox 3.

* Exchanges link clicks automatically
* Smart® engine calculates city stats and updates stat what is needed the most
* Constantly growing happy user base (this means more daily city visits)
* Supermode - superfast visits with bandwidth saved
* Simple interface
* Technical support by forum, online chat, private messages, email and feedback form
* Must visit only 10% of available links to add a link
* May add up to 3 own links (5 for donators)
* Multi-IP rewarded
* Various Tops
* Lots of settings configurable
* Most ideas are accepted, all problems solved
* Changelog and future roadmap provided
* Friendly moderators
* Supercool developer
(Other features are left for you to discover)

Supported games:
* MyMiniCity
* MiniVille
* Zooreka
* My 3D City
* Ponystars
* Dragonadopters
* MonZoo
* Hunt & Jump
* Arvyre Pets
* Pennergame
* Stock Horse Corp
* Poney Vallee
* Das Deutschlandspiel
* HueHorse
* DNAdopts
* MondoZoo
* Mystic Grove
* Dossergame
* ASC Clicks
* DigiAdopt
* Squiby
* SolaEria
* Menelgame
* Bananarchipel
* Zantarni Pets
* PokeTown Adoptables
* My Warrior Cats
* Joga Craque


In the last few month there were up to ten million (10000000) visits and up 7000 unique IP addresses daily.

Added support for other online games.

Motion Twin (MyMiniCity, MiniVille) servers are being moved to a new hosting at the moment and no visits are possible during that time.
They say servers will be back online December 2 day. Hopefully visits will work faster after they are done moving.
Till then I turned off exchange as it makes no point to visit nonexistent links.
Utopia exchange will back as soon as Motion Twin servers are back online.


Supermode for Firefox 2 is back.

The reason why I decided to put my time into it is because some users were unhappy and I know that Firefox 3 doesn't work on older Windows versions. For Firefox 3 - Windows 2000 is required, for Firefox 2 - Windows 98.

Welcome to the new website of Utopia click exchange!

What I thought will take couple of days took more than a month of my free time. The website is not completely finished and still misses some functions (for example Private Messages), but they will come soon.

I wish to thank all donators who Beta tested website, reported bugs and gave their feedback. Especially I want to thank hellowien for giving his opinion and ideas on various aspects of the website and for amazing automation testing.

Feel free to post your feedback in the Forum and give your ideas. If you come across a bug please post as much information as possible in the Forum Bugs section.

The new things I wanted to note here are following:
* New design
* Better speed
* Better reliability
* Possibility to add other game links in the future
* Faster page loading speeds, less traffic to download
* Optimized communication between Supermode, webpage and server
* New way how cities are added and renewed. See FAQ Links
* Most functions completely rewritten from scratch to achieve better website speed and reliability
* Storage system migrated from flat file database to MySQL for better speed, reliability and smaller database size
* Changed JavaScript library from Prototype to jQuery for better interaction and visual effects
* Bad word filter added and links matching the filter can not be added
* Removed Supermode support for Firefox 2 because it is hard for me to maintain two version of code up to date

Since my last post, I have released Supermode extension for Firefox 3, implemented Forum, introduced new features, fixed all known bugs, made some new bugs and hopefully fixed them again. :)
Unfortunately I have less and less time to work with the web-site. There are a lot of ideas on how to improve it, but too little time.

I would like to send cheers to some Multi-IP users who each are giving us upto 100000 visits a week. Yes one hundred thousand clicks for our cities from different IP addresses in a week and in one name. Respect!

Talking about near future, I am going to remove advertisements soon, because they give very small revenue and increase web-page loading time. Then I'll add some of planned features and the web-site will lose beta status.

The website is getting better and better each day. During last week I have implemented some very nice features and our city count has grew to 350 active cities. Still some features to implement before we lose beta status.

Today I released for public testing so called supermode, so far everything seem to be working fine. Why did I call it Supermode? Because it took me about 4 full days to make it possible (learning, research, lots of testing, trial and error, implementation). At first I was thinking to make MS Windows executable program, but this could be potential risk for users and also would work only with MS Windows.

If something is not working, or you've got questions, please contact me here.

In near future I'll adjust TOP50 (milti-ip) and add single-ip TOP and improve SMART agorithm (proactive mode). And I'll think about better design.

Am I nice or what? :P

Currently as I write, there are already 169 cities registered. I guess this is good.
When I began this project, I thought this will be the first link exchange engine for myminicity, but then I found there are some more around. Anyway I believe this web page is the best of kind! :)

In the recent days I've made a lot of improvements and still there are a lot of things to improve in usability, reliability, design. See roadmap on features I plan to implement next.
I am also open to feature requests. Currently all reasonable features that were requested are implemented.

Have a nice weekend! I will definitely have.

I am glad to see city count is increasing all the time. In 16 hours city count grew from 0 to 50 and is raising faster every hour. I have limited city count to 1000 at the moment because I am still improving everything and do not want to put excess load on my hosting server.

Behold, beta version of MyMiniCity click exchange network is born.
No more there is need to cheat, use hacks, proxy servers and time-consuming link distribution.

During beta phase city count is limited to 1000. If the limit is hit, no new cities can be added.
City stats are updated from the main server once every hour.
Please use feedback link to report problems.