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* This page was last updated in 2011 and some information may not be true. Use at your own risk :).

* In order to add a link to exchange, you have to visit 10% of other links.
* You have to visit at least 10% links next day to renew your link (in detail here)
* If link is not renewed within 72 hours, it is deleted from exchange

In what order links are visited?
* Visit order is determined by user's visit count and own link count.
* Visit order the same as listed in Link Top.


What is it?
* Think of your profile as a storage place for your settings.
* When you are on new IP address you can retreive and load those settings.
* The following settings are stored in profile: Your options, your links, chatbox room and status (open or closed).
* When in Profile options, you can select what settings do you want to save or load from profile by clicking on them.


What is it?
* Supermode visits all links without opening pop-ups and does it up to 20 - 320 (16x mode) times faster in comparison to pop-up mode. Current record is 716 visited links in 10.30 seconds by utopia.lv (using special high speed mode) !

Why is it better?
* It's faster.
* Consumes less traffic. Supermode does not download scripts, images and flash animations from web server.
* Links get visited - guaranteed.

What browsers are supported?
* Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 are supported on any OS.

How to enable supermode?
* To enable supermode, please do the following:

Firefox 3
Install Supermode extension and restart Firefox. Enable Supermode in options.

Firefox 2
[1] Make sure you are using Firefox 2.
[2] Click Start -> Run
[3] Fill in "%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" and press ENTER
[4] Open the folder that says default (e.g. z26f5t3p.default)
[5.1] Look for file user.js. If there is no such file, create it or download it here (rightclick & save link as).
[5.2] Open file user.js in notepad and add the following 3 lines at the end:

user_pref("capability.policy.MMC.sites", "http://utopia.lv");
user_pref("capability.policy.policynames", "MMC");
[6] Save changes in notepad and restart Firefox!
[7] Enable Supermode in options.

How does Supermode work?
* Supermode does not OPEN links as pop-up mode does. Instead it downloads web page's HTML code without processing it. It downloads web page in the same way as your browser does it so servers does not see difference and counts it as a visit.
* All this is done with help of XSS (cross-site-scripting).

How to make Supermode faster?
* Supermode speed depends on several factors: DNS server response time (use faster DNS server), Internet connection speed (upgrade internet connection), distance to MMC server (distance adds delay), firewall (how fast does it filter internet traffic).

Can it run faster?
* Yes, it can. Donators of 5 EUR get special x8 mode that runs two times faster than regular version. Donators of 10 EUR get x16 version and donators of 15 EUR or more get x32 version.

Did everything, but doesn't work!
* Make sure Firefox is restarted!
* Disable Firefox noscripts plugin and disable adblock on domain utopia.lv
* Make sure your firewall, antivirus or antispyware software does not filter http (web) traffic.

I need help!
* If you can not get it to work, ask for help in chatbox or post your problem in the forum.


Are you going to ask money later for using this website
* Web site is planned to be free forever or as long as I can afford and support it. Some time ago I put banners in the website, but it slowed everything down. To support and thank me visitors can donate money through Paypal. In exchange they get additional features.

What kind of database website uses?
MySQL and flat files for Tops (faster caching).


Multi-IP Top (TOP 50)
* Displays visit statistics based on the user's name, which can be set in options. User with the same name can use multiple IP addresses (computers) to visit the website. Includes visit data from the last 7 days, including today.
* Users of this TOP are respectable (and super cool) because their visits help other links get more clicks.

Single-IP Top (TOP 75)
* Displays visit statistics based on user's IP address. Includes visit data from the last 7 days, including today.

Top 100 Links
* Displays active links in order of calculated points
* Determines order in which links are visited
* Includes visit data from the last 7 days, including today.
* Points are calculated this way (formula):

Link points = user visit count / user link count / 3
if there are more users with the same link added, then link points sum app


How does link expire?
* Links expire 72 hours after creation if not renewed and are removed from exchange.
* Links timers will be renewed automatically 20 hours after previous renewal.
* Links to be renewed dependins on your visit count:
** 10% visited - 1 link renewed
** 45% visited - 2 links renewed
** 80% visited - the rest of links renewed

What should I do to renew my link?
At least once in 72 hours visit 10% of available links.

The more links you visit, the more clicks you will get back.

IP Change Automation

Information on IP change automation is available on seperate Automation for Supermode extension page.


Can I specify stat to update?
* No. And most probably it will not be possible also in the future. At the moment the same city can be registered to multiple IP addresses and there is no owner possible for cities.